Steele | Shaping Beauty and Function from Industrial Scraps


The genesis of Steelē | The encounter between the lively workshop of Ugolini – an industry leader in textile dyeing machinery with a 40 years tradition – and the ability of inspired designer Giacomo Piovan has brought forth the debut collection by Steelē, featuring design objects manufactured to be meaningful, durable, recyclable, and of course, beautiful. Learn More»


Witness what happens in an metal workshop where fine craftsmanship and innovation are welded – literally- carrying on the time honored traditions and resources of a territory where textile mills and metal works have deep roots going back to the early days of the Industrial Revolution. Steelē substantiates the dynamic evolution and innovative experimentation of this rich industrial legacy. Learn More»


We're located at the heart of a manufacturing district renown for the high concentration of production excellencies and have much to offer in terms of fabrication capabilities and human skills. Learn More»
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